Sell-Out / Sell-In
& Audit Networks

As partner of prestigious clients, Global Marketing Solution has gained a vast experience in creating dedicated and multiclient specialized teams for the control and development of performances (sell-in & sell-out) by monitoring project implementation and development in the field in real time.
Through a widespread structure, our auditors manage the various data picking channels transversally.
Creation of Field Specialist teams to oversee the main levers of Store Marketing, such as visibility, training, sales point space, assortment, price and promotions in a lean and flexible way. On the LSRT/GDS channel this translates into targeted actions to:
• Detect prices and promotions.
• Check stock breaks and control assortments.
• Monitor competitors
• Detect the spaces dedicated to products
Sales Task Force
Creation of ad-hoc formed sales teams to have additional sales forces in order to push the “Sell-out/Sell in” structurally on the GD / LSRT / GDS / Retail channels or during specific offer launch and promotion campaigns. Field coordination through senior Field Operation Managers for constant monitoring and objective-aimed actions.
• Implement promotional plans
• Accelerate the inclusion of new items on the shelf and of products being launched.
• Take new orders
• Obtain compliance with contractual agreements with purchasing centers.
Canvass sharing with the Brands, in order to stimulate sales as much as possible with incentive mechanisms for a compensation commensurate with the success of the activity.

On the Normal Trade channel it is possible to widen the indirect distribution of a product, of product packages, as well as of sales packages side by side with wholesale sellers or by autonomously placing orders to the distributor. (Transfer Order) The Task Force has highly innovative platforms for the management of the entire Workflow and real time measurements.

These task forces also use highly innovative platforms for real-time management, interactive monitoring and a 360° reporting.

Thanks to its territorial organization and consolidated processes, Global Marketing Solution can guarantee speed of execution and maximum flexibility, thus providing for the achievement of objectives and the best investment returns.