& Events

Global Marketing Solution is highly experienced in focusing the consumer’s attention on a particular product / service in order to encourage impulse purchases (over 70% of purchasing decisions are made at the point of sale).
In collaboration with our partners, Global Marketing Solution creates the right atmosphere / playfulness / emotionality around a product / service as the ideal medium to better communicate its features and make the promotional activity memorable for the best success in the field.
The distinctive factors that characterize our offer
Development of “turnkey” projects: from the design of the creative mechanisms, to the development of materials and the management of logistical aspects.

Hostess profiling based on individual project objectives.

Incentive plans to motivate human resources to achieve objectives.

Field activities available to clients
• Presentation and argumentation of products and promotional mechanisms.
• Sale-aimed promotion of products or services.
• Demo/tasting of services/products.
• Leafleting, distribution of discount vouchers or leaflets in shopping centers or other locations.
• Special events (games, special settings and costumes, happy hours, outdoor animation, etc.).
• Market surveys in shopping centers or areas with high walkability.