IT service

Thanks to WeTeam‘s wayUp platform, we guarantee integrated support to all the activities in the field. wayUp is accessible everywhere and enables the entire workflow of projects to be properly managed.
The numerous features available on the wayUp platform offer a powerful work tool, able to provide an accurate mapping of the Field, effective tools for planning sharing and a very precise reporting process. With wayUp every life cycle phase of the activities in the field is punctually traceable and measurable for the benefit of the Business Management.
Our strengths
Ready and tested solutions.
Real-time project monitoring dashboard.
Virtual Training (webinar, SCORM modules etc.).
Full and interactive activity agenda.
Client-configurable dynamic surveys.
Mobile APP for data return.
Profiled environment for the publication of documents.
Field and Network mapping.
Immediate and profiled photo collection.
Geolocated presence records.
Data connectors with corporate ERP systems.